JCEM was the first company worldwide to offer Servo/CNC-Controlled Blade Pleating Machinery and since our debut over 20 years ago JCEM has positioned itself as the machine of choice by the biggest names in Filtration and beyond.

JCEM’s motto, “Driven by Innovation”, is proven by our relentless pursuit of increased flexibility, speed, power, reliability while maintaining all the latest safety certifications. Case in point is JCEM’s new P6 generation pleating machinery which allows for pleat heights from 3mm – 300mm without any sacrifice of speed, strength of speed. In fact, the P6 excels in all 3 of those areas while offering the tallest pleat height range of any 1 machine on the market. It’s a truly revolutionary design.

P3 Digital pleater_ready to ship before packagingStand P3 Generation

Our P3-Digital machine has proven itself many times over and still uses the same tried and true mechanical design that we introduced in 1996. Of course many updates have been made throughout the last 20 years in keeping up with new technology and developments which allow us to continue to push the envelope and set the benchmark for the industry.

Typical pleat height ranges are offered from 4mm – 55mm, 4mm – 70mm, 6mm – 100mm, and 6mm – 150mm. Widths range from 500mm – 3000mm or larger upon request.

P6 MachineAll-New P6 Generation

The new P6 machine is a game-changer. With a completely new mechanical & drive design it completely eliminates the idea of “sacrificing” versatility for speed or strength. Now you can have the best of both worlds wrapped up in 1 machine capable of pleat heights from 3mm – 300mm!! Plus the P6 offers strength like never before seen for those extremely challenging applications combining strong materials at very shallow pleat heights with high pleat compression. We urge you to take a close look at this machine.

The P6 can be offered in various widths ranging from 500mm – 3000mm or larger upon request.